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Noticed a new stall opened on my local market called Dr. FALAFAL. If Amy Green saw it she'd think her brother-in-law Ross Geller was running it!
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• 2d

Carol's milk

Did the scene where some of them tasted Carol's milk make anyone else sick?
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• 5d

The Peeper

It has been discovered that Joey got the peeper's name by going across the street and talking to the paper man.
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• 5d

Regina Philange gets littering ticket

A woman in Lincolnshire was issued with a littering ticket and gave her name as Regina Philange. The warden then issued her with a ticket in that name.
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• 5d

Joey and Rachel

How did it make you feel watching Joey and Rachel try to make love? It made me uncomfortable.
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• 1/15/2019

Scene delete

Hi,someone has the scene deleted when ross and rachel kiss after rachel gets the tattoo? i can´t find it, a girl told me that this scene is on the DVD that was released in 2009

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• 1/15/2019


thoughts...? Let’s all cry together😢😪😢😪😢😪
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• 1/14/2019

Phoebe and Mike

Did y’all ship Phoebe and Joey it was that just me
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• 1/13/2019
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• 1/11/2019

Joey's acting

Do you think Joey's acting improved over the course of the series?
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• 1/8/2019

Which couple?

  • Joey and Pizza
  • Chandler and Monica
  • Ross and Rachel
  • Phoebe and Mike
  • Chandler and Rachel
  • Joey and Phoebe
  • Phoebe and Ross
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• 1/8/2019

Do you like when monica and pete are together?

Well I think they were a great couple and I cant even remember why they broke up now...
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• 1/8/2019

Ross and Rachel's baby

Do you think that Ross and Rachel should have married when she became pregnant? Do you think Ross suggested because his parents got married (presumably) when Judy was pregnant?
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• 1/8/2019

New Admin Position available!

Hello All,

Due to the demotion of a certain admin who shall remain unnamed, we are now in the market for a new admin. The following guidelines are in place for those who can apply.

- You must not have been promoted in the last six months*

- You must have been on the wiki for at least 6 months

- You must have had a period of frequent editing

- You must commit to the wiki

- You must have at least 100 edits.

If you fulfil this criteria, great! Head on over to the Admin Requests page and apply now!

*Condition subject to change

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• 1/6/2019

Favorite character?

  • Rachel
  • Monica
  • Phoebe
  • Joey
  • Chandler
  • Ross
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• 1/6/2019
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• 1/5/2019

Matthew Perry

Just watching the film Fools Rush In (1997) and he acts just like Chandler including his way of speaking and his body language. In case you're wondering it sees Matthew's character have a one-night stand in Las Vegas which results in pregnancy and love and marriage. It's a bit like what happened to Ross and Rachel in season 7: they had a one-night stand, Rachel became pregnant, they declare their love for each other and marry.
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• 1/4/2019


If you could make one change to the series, what would it be? For me it would be to drop the Rachel and Joey arc.
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• 1/3/2019


I think she was all about the money and never loved her husband they just married for money and had three children who were spoiled to bits and show offs.
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• 1/2/2019

How so you feel about Emily?

  • I liked her, she was nice!
  • Hated her! She was crazy!
  • I liked her before Ross messed up at their wedding...
  • I felt bad for her.
  • She was ok...
  • She deserved better than Ross!
  • No opinion
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