Eva Sinclair was a dangerous, young, yet powerful witch who was first introduced in The Map of Moments, when she was prepared by Kol Mikaelson to be unknowingly possessed by Original Vampire Rebekah Mikaelson. However, once Rebekah's spirit was transferred unknowingly into Eva's body, it was revealed that Eva were trapped in the Fauline Cottage, where witches who were broken by magic were sent.

After Rebekah, in possession of Eva's body fled the Asylum with her sister Freya, Eva soon reemerged, in order to complete her plan of performing the Rite of Nines. After obtaining all eight of the witches she required for her ritual, Eva's spirit was removed from her body by the combined efforts of the Mikaelson siblings, Marcel and her ex husband Vincent, allowing Rebekah to remain in full possession of her body.

Eva's body was killed in Fire with Fire, when Rebekah in belief that she would go back to her true body she committed suicide, in order to prevent Marcel from ending her life because of Klaus' compulsion. In the following episode, Eva's body is healed by Freya, who claims that it's her gift to Rebekah, in order for the latter to have a chance at a normal life. Thus Rebekah inhabits Eva's body yet again and leaves New Orleans in search of a way to resurrect Kol.

Eva's body is currently deceased as she had her neck sliced by Aya.