medium was a person with the power to communicate with thespirits on the Other Side. There were once two ways that a person could gain mediumship. The first was for a human to die and then beresurrected, either by magical or medical means, giving them a connection to the dead. Examples of mediums who gained their abilities by this process are Jeremy Gilbert, who was resurrected by magic, or Matt Donovan, who was brought back to life with CPR. The other way was to be the Anchor to the Other Side, such as Amara orBonnie Bennett, as the supernatural role allowed them to exist both on the Other Side and in the living world at the same time. Since the collapse of the Other Side, mediums can no longer contact the spirits of the dead, as the spirits have now moved on to otherafterlife dimensions that are (as far as anyone knows) currently inaccessible to those in the living world