An Upgraded Original Vampire, also known as The Beast, is the name used to describe a type of creature that was born in Season Three of The Originals, and was a being prophesied to be "seeded" with the undoing of the Original Siblings, or created from the destruction of the Original Family. It was presumed to be male. The prophecy predicted by Alexis showed the Beast as a male figure rising with long sharp bloody fangs. Two have been created through the machinations of Lucien Castle. As an Upgraded version of an Original Vampire, it possesses a bite that is capable of killing even an Original due to its extremely potent werewolf venom. Lucien was turned into an Original with powers surpassing the Originals, much like the former Enhanced Original Vampire Alaric Saltzman, and has a fatal werewolf toxin type of bite that can kill even an Original, such as Finn. The Beast is the first creature who can kill Originals without a physical weapon like the White Oak Stake, or magic as a weapon such as an empowered witch like Bonnie Bennett was when she tried to kill Klaus. So far, only two people became upgraded original vampires, called "The Beast",Lucien Castle and Marcel Gerard. After the death of the former, Marcel took the remains of the serum and drank it. He is currently the only Upgraded Original Vampire in existence.