Yorick was a deaf guy. He was born deaf. His parents were studying the sign language, because his parents are really care about their son, who was deaf.

Then 14 years later, he found out that vampires are real and he started to loving vampires. He said always he want to become a vampire like them. Later he has met an Mikaelson Family who Rebekah Mikaelson is one of the family, who is one of the Original Vampires. He asked to let Rebekah turn him into a vampire. But then something was happened. He's not deaf anymore! He thanked her of being a vampire. He is currently part of Rebekah's sireline.

Before he was turned by Rebekah into a vampire, he was a zombie who was been scrabbed by Major Lilywhite who is currently still a zombie. Major decided to give him the cure that should took away the zombisme. Then he wakes up as a human.

Yorick is the first and only one known LGBT+ character of the family Van Pruijssen / van der Wal. He is bisexual, which makes him the only one known who's part of LGBT+ currently