Adelaide is supposedly the mother of Carol Willick. She was not supportive of Carol marrying another woman and did not attend her wedding in "The One With The Lesbian Wedding", making Carol doubt her plans.

We assume George and Adelaide are Carol's parents, and that their last name is Willick, from the following line by Ross: "And if George and Adelaide can't accept that, then the hell with them. Look, if my parents didn't want me to marry you, no way that would have stopped me." There is not enough information about whether they are married, or who among them (or if both of them) is Carol's biological parent, adoptive parent or step-parent.


  • Adelaide does not appear on screen.
  • Gorge and Adelaide may live in Florida, or have a second home there. In a deleted scene from "The One Where Ross Got High", Ross mentions that Carol is taking Ben to "her parents' place in Florida".
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