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Alice Knight is the wife of Frank Buffay Jr, the half-brother of Phoebe and Ursula Buffay.


Alice was Frank's former home economics high school teacher. She claims that he was her best student. He claims that she was his best teacher. Although they both claim to have pure love, they lust for each other easily, including in public places such as coffee houses or hospitals.

Phoebe disapproved of their relationship due to the age gap between the two (26 years), and bemused them both with her daft comments during her attempts to split them up. Eventually however, she came to accept their relationship.

In the show she is only referred to as Alice Knight. After she and Frank Buffay Jr. married, it is unknown if Alice kept her last name, or legally changed it to Buffay or Knight-Buffay.

She and Frank cannot conceive due to Alice's age, so they ask Phoebe to carry the embryo, which she agrees to do. In "The One Hundredth", Phoebe had triplets: Leslie, Frank Jr. Jr., and Chandler.