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Allesandro's is the restaurant Monica works in from seasons 4 to 9.


The first appearance of the restaurant is when Monica writes a very critical review about it in the paper. The owner, feeling publicly humiliated by the review, goes to her house and berates her for writing it, where she showed him how she personally cooks food and impresses him, earning his reluctant respect. He then hires her as his new head chef, in the process sacking the original one, but all her colleagues strongly dislike her not just because of the extremely critical and publicly humiliating review but also because the fired head chef was literally family to several of them (The One Where They're Going To Party). Wanting her to resign, they intentionally burn her chef's jacket, write the words "QUIT BITCH" on her hat, write down fake specials and are generally spiteful to her. She desperately wants to fire one particularly nasty waiter named Stu, but lacks the confidence for such confrontations. 

She hires Joey as a waiter for the sole purpose of firing him in front of the others for being spiteful to her with his consent, hoping that they will consequently realize they could get fired for giving her such a hard time and pack it in, but Joey acquires a handful of tips and ends up forgetting the deal he and Monica had. Only when he truly saw the degree of cruelty and abuse Monica was being forced to endure (which almost made her resign) that he stuck to his part and played the arrogant employee. Monica quickly took advantage of this and "Fired" Joey in front of everyone, which Joey seemed to take a little harder than he expected. This was enough for Monica to acquire control over her colleagues, who realize they too could be fired for antagonizing her and for refusing to listen to her.

Allesandro's was shown later in a couple of episodes, for example The One With The Proposal, Part 2 and The One With Rachel's Date, mainly as a setting for various characters meeting Monica.

When Chandler had to live in Oklahoma for his work, Monica quit Allesandro's and searched for a job there. However, when she gets an offer from Javu, she takes it and decides to stay in New York.



  • They have a jar in the kitchen labelled "Monica's Jar" in which Monica has to put a dollar every time she yells.[1]
  • Joey had worked here too. He was given the job so that Monica could fire him to intimidate the other employees who paid Monica no respect.[2]