Aunt Iris was an aunt of Monica who appeared on-screen in the episode "The One With All The Poker". She was portrayed by Beverly Garland.

It is unknown if Aunt Iris is the sister of Jack Geller or Judy Geller, or if she is a sister-in-law, a cousin or a colleague to one of them, or a neighbor or a friend of the family.

In a deleted scene, Iris says that she recently talked to Monica's cousin Nathan who thinks he is a man trapped in a woman's body. From her line it is unclear if Nathan is her son, nephew, son-in-law or friend.

From her limited interaction with Monica, Rachel and Phoebe, Iris appeared to be a witty and sarcastic, but not very nice or pleasant individual. Rachel and Phoebe meet her when Monica asks her for assistance in learning to play poker, since Iris had been playing poker since she was five according to Monica, and the three women needed to prepare for an upcoming game of poker with Ross, Joey, and Chandler. Iris agreed to teach them how to play, but probably because she had parked her car at a meter wasn't very patient with or polite to them, not bothering to say hello to them when she walked into the apartment but instead opening up the conversation by claiming to have hit Tony Randall with her car, then revealing that she was lying in order to demonstrate bluffing to them. She was later annoyed when they lost the game of poker to Joey, Chandler and Ross despite her advice and offered to teach them again, but she once again failed to be friendly towards them.

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