The family of Phoebe Buffay, which is a bit complicated. Phoebe's biological mother and father are Frank Buffay Sr. and Phoebe Abbott. Phoebe Abbott left her with Frank and Lily, whom Phoebe calls her mother. Frank then left Lily, Phoebe and Ursula Buffay, Phoebe's twin sister. Lily then lived with a new man, whom Phoebe calls her stepfather. At the same time, Frank also lived with a new, unnamed wife, and they had a son, Frank Buffay Jr., Phoebe's half-brother. Frank Buffay Sr. also left this family. When Phoebe and Ursula were around 14, their stepfather went into prison and Lily killed herself. The girls were separated and took different paths: Ursula apparently grew up under adult supervision of some kind while her twin became homeless for years; no explanation for that was ever provided. Phoebe then moved in with Monica, but later moved in with Frances, the mother of Lily Buffay and thus her non-biological grandmother. Frances' funeral is the only time Frank Buffay Sr. is seen: he doesn't know that Lily is dead and wants to talk with her. After Phoebe discovered her half-brother Frank Buffay Jr., he asks her to be the surrogate mother of his children, which turns out to be a triplets: Frank Buffay Jr. Jr., Chandler Buffay and Leslie Buffay.

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