Dr. Baldharan was a man who was heavily implied to be the owner of an animal fighting ring. He met Ross very briefly in The One With The Fake Monica

From his limited interaction with Ross, Baldharan seemed to be a horrible, compassionless, amoral, greedy and utterly selfish individual who seemed to have little concern for the animals under his care so long as he could make some money from the smurfing. When Marcel started humping everything, Ross started looking for a zoo to give him away to, and ended up meeting Baldharan, who he had an interview with inside of the coffee shop . Though Ross had no idea that Baldharan's "zoo" was an animal fighting ring, Baldharan seemed to think he did know this, confusing him with questions such as if Marcel would fight other animals if cornered and if he was capable of handling "a hammer or small blade." Joey and Chandler then irritated Baldharan and everyone else in the coffee shop by crassly bursting into the shop with Marcel in order to tell Ross that the monkey had been accepted into San Diego Zoo. This information irritated Baldharan further, who promised Ross that he would "start (Marcel) off against a blind rabbit and give (Ross) twenty percent of the gains." The scene ends with Ross, Joey and Chandler backing away from Baldharan in horror at his apparently compassionless personality; he was never seen again after that. 

Baldharan was portrayed by Harry Shearer, who is perhaps most famous for voicing several characters on the animated sitcom The Simpsons, such as Montgomery Burns, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, Principal Skinner, Otto and Dr. Hibbert. He is one of three actors who provided voices for the Simpsons characters to appear on Friends, the other two being Hank Azaria, who portrayed David, and Dan Castellaneta, who portrayed the Zoo Employee. Coincidentally all of these characters made their first appearance in episodes in some way focusing on Marcel.