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Dr. Drake Ramoray was Joey Tribbiani's character on Days of our Lives.


Dr. Drake Ramoray was a neurosurgeon working at the fictional hospital on Days of Our Lives. He is first introduced in The One With Russ" and first seen in "The One With The Lesbian Wedding". His stint on the show ended when Joey angered its writers after telling an interviewer that he wrote many of his own lines. Drake was "killed off" in "The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies" by falling down an elevator shaft, the character being left in a potentially permanent coma with such serious brain damage that allegedly Drake himself was the only person who could have treated the damage.

Later, in Season 7, Drake was brought back after a brain transplant. His new brain was from the character Jessica Lockhart, played by Susan Sarandon. Lockhart died from a horseback riding injury, with her brain being transplanted into the comatose Drake Ramoray (It was initially stated that this resulted in Jessica in Drake's body, but some later scenes suggest that Drake simply shares Jessica's personality and memories rather than having become her completely as the cast still refer to him as Drake). Joey's role has a few minor appearances on the show after that, such as him having trouble to play a love scene, casting Phoebe as an extra and it also plays a role in season 9 when Rachel falls for Joey. When Phoebe was interested in a man at the hospital where Rachel was giving birth, Joey acted as Drake Ramoray to make the receptionist provide Phoebe with the man's room number.

Even though on Friends he keeps the role until the end of the show, on Joey it is revealed that his character was killed off again: he was stabbed by a nurse while performing surgery, for which he won the award for "best death scene".