For the photographer who wanted to move in with Chandler, see Eric (photographer).

Eric is the ex-fiancé of Ursula Buffay. He is portrayed by Sean Penn.


Eric begins out as the fiancé of Phoebe Buffay's identical twin sister, Ursula. But when Eric and Ursula attend a Halloween party hosted by Monica Geller, Phoebe discovers that Ursula has been lying to Eric in order to be with him. Phoebe gets to know Eric and realizes she really likes him. When the Ursula and Eric leave, Eric returns to retrieve Ursula's bag and Phoebe spills all about the lies.

Eric calls Phoebe to say he has broken up with Ursula. Eric invites Phoebe for lunch and it is there that the two of them kiss. This is after Eric has trouble looking at Phoebe as she looks too much like Ursula. After a lot of kissing, Phoebe remembers she has a client waiting. She heads off to work and when she returns, Eric announces he's tired from all the sex. Phoebe tells Eric she never came back until that moment and the two of them realize that Eric has just slept with Ursula thinking it was Phoebe. The two of them don't continue on their relationship due to it being too weird.


  • Another character who dated both Ursula and Phoebe is Malcolm.
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