Ginger appeared in "The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner". Chandler met Ginger after she came out of the men's room at Central Perk. They begin dating and have a great time.

Joey becomes unnerved when he hears about them and reveals to Monica and Phoebe that he also used to date her and did a horrible thing: Ginger has an artificial leg and in the middle of the night, he accidentally threw it onto a fire. Phoebe and Monica are both mortified after hearing this, with Monica exclaiming "She must've freaked out!". Joey responds with "Yeah. She must've..." As it turns out, once he discovered what he had done, he made a run for it, never to speak with her again.

When Chandler learns of Ginger's artificial leg, it freaks him out. He tries to get over it and after a little convincing from Ginger is able to. However, after she learns about his "nubbin", she is too freaked out by it to continue their relationship.


  • Ginger is one of only two girls to date both Joey and Chandler, although it would appear that she was ignorant of any connection between them (The other one was Kathy).
  • Another character named Ginger was played by Robyn Pedretti in The One With The Inappropriate Sister.
  • Monica mentions Ginger in The One With Chandler In A Box when she invites Richard's son Timothy to thanksgiving.
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