"This place is really my grandmother's. I got it from her when she moved to Florida otherwise I could never afford a place like this. So if the landlord ever asks, I'm a 87-year-old woman who's afraid of her VCR."
—Monica Geller

Ross and Monica's grandmother (also known as Nana and Grandma) is the paternal grandmother of Ross and Monica Geller.

She was the original tenant of Monica's apartment and was still the legal resident even after moving to South Florida and Monica moving into the apartment ("The One With The Flashback", "The One With The Ballroom Dancing").

Ross briefly lived with her for a summer during college, when he tried to make it as a dancer. Ross described her as a "lurker" in casinos which helped her pay for his dance lessons. Monica offers Ross to take over the apartment since the lease is still in their grandmother's name. When moving out the apartment, Chandler uncover her fuzzy handcuffs and later explicit pictures of her in the closet of Rachel's former bedroom. When Monica first meets Joey Tribbiani, she says her grandmother is 87 years old and afraid of her VRC. She attends Monica's wedding to Chandler where her daughter-in-law Judy describes her as, "that old crone."


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