I Hate Rachel Greene Club

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Will Colbert and Ross talking about the I Hate Rachel Greene Club

The I Hate Rachel Greene Club was a club that Ross Geller and Will Colbert co-founded during high school, targeting Rachel. The only other member was a foreign exchange student from Thailand named Ta-Taka-Ki-Kek, who didn't really know what the club was for.

When Rachel asks what they did in their "club," Will reveals that they started a rumor that Rachel was born with both male and female reproductive parts and her parents had flipped a coin and decided to raise her as a girl.

While Rachel never knew of the rumor, it was mentioned that everybody else in their high school, including Monica, had heard it, and it had also spread to Chandler's school, where every student there, including Chandler, referred to Rachel upon likewise hearing about the rumor as the "Hermaphrodite Cheerleader from Long Island."

The club is mentioned in only one episode, "The One With The Rumor", in Season 8.


  • Ross claimed that since his motivation for co-founding the club was that he was bitter about the fact that she never seemed to notice that he was "insanely in love with" her, it was actually an "'I-Love-Rachel Greene' Club." However, this comment is immediately put down by Will, who unlike Ross genuinely hated her due to all the bullying he had suffered at her hands.
  • It's quite obvious that Will still hates Rachel.
  • When Will finds out Ross dated Rachel, it is revealed the club had a pact that had the word "eternity" in it which forbids the members from dating Rachel for life.
  • Upon learning about the club, Phoebe asked if she can join, because she never got to join any club since she never went to school.
  • As Ross and Rachel remarry, it would seem that Will's hatred of Rachel subsequently extended to Ross.
  • As a counter to the rumors about Rachel, Rachel spread the story of seeing Ross making out with the school librarian, although neither Ross nor Rachel were aware of the relevant rumor about each other.
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