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Jack and Judy Geller's 35th Wedding Anniversary Party took place in the Season 8 episode "The One In Massapequa".

Preparing to go

The whole gang was going out to Massapequa to celebrate the Geller's 35th wedding anniversary. Phoebe had a new boyfriend Parker who is extremely enthusiastic. Monica was planning to try and make the speech, despite what had happened at Jack and Judy's 20th anniversary party. Phoebe, Parker Joey, Chandler and Monica drove out and Monica did the driving, but Ross and Rachel took a cab because they didn't want to be in the same spot as Parker, and Rachel said if they didn't take a cab, she would not go to the party.



Ross and Rachel were the first ones to arrive at the party. Jack and Judy greeted them and then took them to the corner and told them that while Jack and Judy thought it was marvellous that Ross and Rachel were having their baby out of wedlock, some of Jack and Judy's friends were less open-minded, which is why Jack and Judy told them that Ross and Rachel got married. Ross and Rachel were not wanting to pretend to be married, but when people gave them wedding checks and gifts, they played along and made up stories about their 'wedding'. Rachel later learned that the proposal story was the exact one Ross was planning to use when they were going out.

Parker was driving everyone crazy with his over-excited attitude, constantly being enthusiastic about everything. At one point, he went to the bathroom. After he left to go p there, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Ross and Rachel discussed Parker with Monica saying that he called the Highway a concrete miracle, and Joey had to go to the bathroom too, but he didn't want Parker complimenting his thing. Then Ross imitated Parker which made Rachel laugh and when Phoebe heard that her friends were making fun of Parker, she scolded them. But later, at her apartment, she realised that her friends were right about him and when she saw that he would not calm down, she broke up with him.


Monica tried to give out a toast, but failed completely and nobody cried. She had brought up Tears of Endearment and neglected Romanian children. Ross then gave a brief toast stating that he and Rachel would consider themselves lucky to be half as happy as Jack and Judy in thirty-five years, which made Jack and Judy cry. Monica was frustrated.