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Joey's First Apartment is a setting that appears between the episodes "The One Where Joey Moves Out" and "The One Where Eddie Won't Go" (Season 2). The luxurious apartment locates on the 22th floor and has high ceilings and a stunning view of New York City.

This was initially the apartment of an actor, Joey's co-star, who invited Joey and Chandler to a brunch. He said he was leaving the apartment. and that Joey should get it.

Joey moved out from Chandler's apartment in "The One Where Joey Moves Out", after having an argument with Chandler regarding their living habits and realizing he was able to afford his own place.

Joey moved out from the apartment and back in with Chandler in "The One Where Eddie Won't Go" after realizing he missed being Chandler's roommate. In the same episode, since Joey's character (Dr. Drake Ramoray) was killed off on Days of Our Lives, he was unable to pay his bills for stuff he bought for the apartment. Most of his furniture is eventually repossessed, except for Pat the Dog, which was bought back by Ross for $200.

The apartment made its final appearance in the non-canonical alternate universe ("The One That Could Have Been, Part 2"), where Rachel was invited by Joey to the apartment.



  • The living room of the apartment is decorated with a tennis table and expensive art installations (notably a 3D replica of The Last Supper, Pat the Dog and the rainfall sculpture)
  • Pat the Dog and other ceramic animal sculptures in the apartment are purchased by Joey from Porcelain Safari, which cost $3500 at total. Joey said the idea is to create a ceramic zoo in the apartment.
  • Joey installed a phone in his bathroom. Joey's bathroom has a translucent shower door, and mirrors on both sides of the toilet.
  • The apartment in the alternate continuity (Season 6) has a repurposed look. Only the couch, Pat the Dog and the rainfall sculpture (as seen in Season 2) is featured in the episode.