Joey Tribbiani, Sr. is Joey's father. He was portrayed by Robert Costanzo.

He owns a pipe fitting business and lives with his wife Gloria on Staten Island. Both appeared in the episode "The One With The Boobies". Joey, Sr. is also conducting a long-term extra-marital affair with a pet mortician named Ronni Rapalono. Although Joey disapproves of this state of affairs, he is forced to accept it when his mother reminds him how much happier his father is now that he has a "hobby", and that their marriage is much better due to Joey, Sr.'s shame.

Joey, Sr. also appeared in an episode of Joey, "Joey and the Dad", in which he flew to L.A. to attend the premiere of Joey's movie Captured.


Joey, Sr. looks like a regular middle-aged man; he is average height, is a little chubby, and his head is almost completely bald. He is quite tanned, which signifies his Italian descent.


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