"Joey and the ESL" is the sixth episode of the second season of Joey.


When going to pick up Michael from Caltech, he follows a hot girl named Maria to an English as a Second Language (ESL) class. Maria falls Joey because she is the smartest person in class. But he very soon makes a rival out of a Russian classmate named Boris. Joey breaks up with Maria because of his studies. Meanwhile Gina sleeps with one of Bobby's clients so she must find her a new one. So she asks Joey for help where she finds Lockwood and tries to make him a client. Gina gives away Joey's parking spot and trailer so he will be a client which angers Joey. He is stuck in a started extra's room that is small and has one toilet for eight people. Soon he finds out Bobby's still gonna fire Gina so Joey help by doing the one thing Gina couldn't get him out of a commercial. However Gina can't sign him because Bobbie had sex with him in his trailer. Joey is upset again when he is not invited to an ESL party when even the teacher is. Plus the girl who isn't going says hanging with him is social suicide.

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