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"Joey and the Fancy Sister" is the nineteenth episode in the first season of Joey, which aired on February 24, 2005.


Mary-Theresa is coming to visit Joey for the weekend. According to Gina, Mary-Theresa is the fancy sister who thinks she is so much classier than Gina. At the airport Gina bets Joey $21.99 that Mary-Theresa mentions her pool three times before they leave, which he loses almost immediately. Soon after Joey finds out Mary-Theresa is engaged to Walter who is the 2nd most successful waterbed salesman in Burgendy County. Mary-Theresa wiggles her way into getting Joey's room and think Alex is a Spanish only speaking maid and fires her because she was supposedly stole silver. While Mary-Theresa is in the pool Joey and Gina find out that the diamond on her ring is fake. Gina wants to tell her but Joey stops her. Gina and Mary-Theresa get into an argument and is quickly stopped by Joey who starts making fun of Tina to get their min d of each other. It works until Joey accidently spills that Mary-Theresa's ring is fake. Mary-Theresa cancels the wedding finding out the ring is part of a pirates costume. Joey tries to help her get back on her feet but she misunderstands and stay with him. Joey buys Mary-Theresa a ring and says its from Walter. She still doesn't leave so Gina makes Mary-Theresa angry by telling her Gina would use her pool. Meanwhile the tropical fish clerk Joelle brings a black light for his aquarium home, obviously interested in Michael, but he won't let her into his room, clearly oblivious she's attracted.

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