"Joey and the Holding Hands" is the twenty-first episode of the second season of Joey.


Joey and Alex's sexual relationship is amazing, so great Joey had to bite himself to stop from screaming. But Joey wants something deeper and more meaningful after talking to Gina. Meanwhile Michael does crazy things for an online woman named sexysteve87 who Joey thinks is a boy. While Joey is playing in Jimmy's coat he finds an engagement ring which Gina find moments later. So Jimmy and Gina get engaged and then Howard walks in to ask Gina out. Gina says no. Gina later sells the ring and buys a car with the money. So Jimmy and Gina fight until Joey says they should have counseling. Later Joey tries to do more than sex with Alex but it doesn't work out. Afterwards during counseling it is revealed Gina dated 50 cent, Jimmy is already married and Joey has never been to Philadelphia (which later he finds out he has). Gina asks Jimmy to handle it. So he goes with Joey to prison to visit Tracey who won't sign the papers until Joey talks to her. Joey and Alex finally have a deeper relationship. Michael finds out Sexy Steve is a man.


  • Joey thinks Italian is Asian
  • Michael was conceived in a car
  • Jimmy took sailing lessons
  • Mary-Angela's marriage lasted 6 months
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