"Joey and the Perfect Storm" is the fifth episode of the first season of Joey, which aired on NBC on October 7, 2004.


There's a vacant apartment in the complex, and Joey and Michael try to hide it from Gina, fearing that she'll want to move in to be closer to them. Also, Joey is understudying in three plays at once.

Cast and Crew

Main Cast

Matt LeBlanc - Joey Tribbiani
Andrea Anders - Alex Garrett
Paulo Costanzo - Michael Tribbiani
Jennifer Coolidge - Bobbie Morganstern
Drea de Matteo - Gina Tribbiani

Supporting Cast

Ben Falcone - Howard Peckerman
Mitch Silpa - Tim
Candace Smith - The Cute Girl
Samuel Luis Givens - Cowboy


Directed by:
David Schwimmer

Written by:
Vanessa McCarthy



  • During the end credits, the amount of milk in Michael's glass keeps changing.
  • Joey says that he never lived alone, which is not true. He lived alone for a little while when he moved out of the apartment he was sharing with Chandler in The One Where Joey moves out. And also, he lived alone for a longer period of time after Chandler moved out with Monica. Then came Phoebe for a little while and left. Then came Rachel and left to Ross', and then came back. So he did live alone.


Michael: Well don't do the one with the dialogue 'cause you don't know that one
Joey: Yeah but I haven't studied the dancing in that cowboy thing at all
[does dance move]
Gina: [laughing] oh, please do that one!

Joey: I think I have too much stuff stored in my mind
Michael: That's and interesting theory

Joey: I don't think I can even do that
Bobbie: Well you're looking at the queen of multitasking ... right now as we are talking, I am doing butt clenches and learning Spanish through this headpiece
Bobbie: Me llamo Bobbie

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