"Joey and the Snowball Fight" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Joey. It was the last episode to be broadcast on May 2006.


After finding out that Dean spent the night and is wearing Joey's shirt he lent to Alex, Joey gets upset about blowing his changes with Alex. Gina tries to cheer Joey up by saying its not gonna last. Later on Dean leaves the house as Joey calls the walk of shame however finds out they didn't do anything. He thinks this will make Dean break up with Alex but he actually feels completely different. Now Joey is angry because he can't do anything according to the dude code. Also Jimmy comes back into town and Michael isn't sure he can see him because he still doesn't know. Michael overcomes this but he's so mushy Jimmy gets the wrong idea. Jimmy forgets about it and tells Joey Gina won't talk to him. Joey says he'll talk to her for him. At a restaurant Joey talk to Gina and because she ordered ginger ale Joey realized Gina was pregnant again with accidental father Jimmy, who is shocked but tries in his way to do the right thing. Meanwhile Bobbie has arranged for Joey to get his own action figure on sale, but the Korean manufacturer got his body completely wrong as he has boobs and the second version is no better because he is black. There is no time to change the dolls so he has to decide to either be black or a woman.

Cast and Crew


  • It is revealed that Alex's curry gives Joey diarrhea.
  • Zack has a wife named Sanya who can speak Korean whom he married for a green card.
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