"Joey and the Spying" is the twenty-first episode in the first season of Joey, which aired on April 21, 2005.


Gina doesn't think that Joey's assistant Glen is her type but rather than tell him, says he doesn't get on with Michael. Joey and Sara agree to see other people. Meanwhile Alex and Eric are on a trial separation but as he's only moved next door, Alex can spy on him. Joey scoffs at her until he sees Sara and Rick together.

Cast and Crew

Main Cast

Matt LeBlanc- Joey Tribbiani

Andrea Anders - Alex Garett

Paulo Costanzo -Michael Tribbiani

Drea de Matteo- Gina Tribbiani

Support Cast

Madchen Amick - Sara

Richard Ruccolo -Glen

Matt Letscher - Eric Garrett

Jenna Gering - Heather

Rob Boltin - Rick (uncredited)

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