"Joey and the Taste Test" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Joey, which aired on NBC on December 9, 2004.


Joey's relationship with costar Katie has consequences that could get him fired from the show, unless he manages to talk her out of her dressing room. Joey and Lauren acknowledge their feelings for one another. After Gina teaches Alex how to make lasagna, Joey is forced to judge a taste test.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Matt LeBlanc - Joey Tribbiani
Andrea Anders - Alex Garrett
Paulo Costanzo - Michael Tribbiani
Drea de Matteo - Gina Tribbiani
Jennifer Coolidge - Bobbie Morganstern

Supporting Cast

Lucy Liu - Lauren Beck
Danneel Harris - Katie
Portia Dawson - Tracy
Nat Faxon - Bodie
Colby Donaldson - Gunnar


Directed By:
David Schwimmer

Written By:
Scott Silveri

Trivia & Goofs

  • Gina says there's another kind of lasagna piece, because she lost her nail in there. Then she holds up her right hand. (To show the nail without the red nail polish.) A few seconds later, her right hand is visible again, but the nail is now red.
  • At the very beginning of the episode when Gina is taking her lasagna out of the oven, Drea de Matteo's tattoo is visible.
  • This episode was directed by David Schwimmer, LeBlanc's former castmate from Friends who played Ross.


  • Alex: Yeah well it ain't gonna go down like that, BIOOOOOOOOOOOOTCH!
  • Lauren: I'm having a hard time believing you broke up with her. Joey: Oh, are you talking about when we were just together on the side of the cabin, when I was helping her get that splinter out of her tongue?
  • Katie: I didn't like watching you be all flirty with Lauren. Joey: Come on, you know I only have eyes for my daughter.

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