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Not to be confused with Julie Graff.

Julie was Ross Geller's girlfriend during the first few episodes of the second season. She was portrayed by Lauren Tom.

Ross and Julie first met in grad school. Julie was in charge of a dig Ross participated in, and the two started dating. Julie was unwittingly sabotaged by Rachel on multiple occasions, although she admitted to having a feeling that Rachel didn't like her [Julie]. For instance, Rachel told Phoebe to give Julie a terrible haircut and attempted to stall Ross and Julie consummating their relationship. Rachel very obviously disliked Julie, often insulting her behind her [Julie's] back. Rachel's dislike toward Julie was fueled further when Julie took Monica shopping, and Rachel felt as if Julie was trying to steal everyone from her.

Ross and Julie break up when Rachel admits her feelings to Ross over his answering machine. It was said that Ross and Julie's break up was rather harsh, that she was very angry, that they both cried and she threw things at him. A few weeks later, however, she managed to recover and eventually met Russ, whom she instantly fell in love with.


Julie is a slim, beautiful woman with dark hair and brown eyes. Her hair is just below shoulder length in her first appearance on the show, and returns with a short bob after Phoebe offers to cut her hair.

She wears mostly black and white, with a simple yet feminine style.