Laura is a social worker, portrayed by Maria Pitillo in "The One With The Home Study".

She reviews how suitable Chandler and Monica will be as parents. After spending a few minutes in their apartment, she realizes that she has been in the building before and that she had a one night stand with Joey, who never called her back. Chandler and Monica pretend to not know or like Joey, but before long he comes over. Chandler lies that it is their neighbor, Bert (who he also says has a brother named Ernie), but Joey, thinking "Bert" is their word for danger, climbs up the fire escape to see what is happening.

Laura sees Joey talking to Chandler and begins to confront him, but he turns the story around and makes her think that she is the one who never called him back. He compliments her and says he would have called for those reasons. She is flattered and apologizes, but he rejects her. A now embarrassed Laura apologizes to Chandler and Monica and gives them a great report.

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