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This article is about Chandler's co-worker. For Phoebe's mugger friend from childhood, see Lowell (mugger).

Lowell is a gay co-worker of Chandler's who works in the Financial Services area. He was portrayed by Stuart Fratkin.

In "The One Where Nana Dies Twice", Shelly mistakenly assumes Chandler is gay too and tries to set him up with Lowell, only for Chandler to deny this with surprise and for Shelly to leave embarrassed.

Later on, Chandler approaches Lowell to clear things up, but Lowell reveals he also talked to Shelly and correctly deduced on sight that Chandler is not gay, denying the claim that Chandler has a "quality" that makes it appear as such (which Shelly and most of Chandler's friends said that he has).

He then leaves the office, but not before revealing that Chandler's friend Brian from Payroll is gay and declaring that he is way out of Chandler's league; to which Chandler responds that he could get a Brian if he wanted (in front of Brian himself).