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In the Season 10 episode, "The One Where Chandler Gets Caught", it is revealed that Chandler and Monica have made plans to move out of Monica's apartment and into a house in Westchester County, New York. This caused the others to try and persuade them to stay however nearly all of them ended up liking the house. Rachel and Phoebe first saw this house after following Chandler there after thinking that he was having on an affair. Rachel even said that when she was spying on Chandler "I kept thinking, I can't believe Chandler is screwing this woman but man this would be a nice place to live". Joey held a deep resentment to the house and Chandler and Monica's decision to move. He eventually changed his mind after talking to a little girl who was living there at the time who Chandler joked had been dead for years. They looked at the house beside theirs as well and found out that Janice wanted to buy it. They almost didn't buy their house because of it. Chandler got rid of Janice by saying he was still in love with her. This got Janice to leave. After Jack and Erica were born they moved into this house and the series ended.

According to Monica, the house has an amazing wainscoting, a crown molding and dormer windows in the attic. Also, Chandler and Monica have a "Joey room".

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