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The Moondance Diner in May 2007.

The Moondance Diner was a real diner in the SoHo neighbourhood of New York City located at 80 6th Avenue, at Grand Street. It was known for its revolving moon sign, an addition made to the original structure in the mid-1980s, and designed by architect Alan Buchsbaum and designer Jim Rogers.

Monica Geller worked at the diner as a waitress at one point, where it was depicted as a 1950's themed restaurant. During work hours she had to wear a blonde wig, rollerskates and massive fake breasts. She hated her job there, stating that "I was a sous-chef at Cafe des Artistes. How can I take a job where I have to make something called Laverne and Curly fries?"

While working at the Moondance Diner, Monica met millionaire Pete Becker who used his money to open a restaurant and appoint Monica as head chef. Their relationship failed due to the consequences of Pete's desire to become the "Ultimate Fighting Champion".


The diner opened in the 1930s, when it was named the Holland Tunnel Diner. It could seat about 34 people, with six tables and ten counter stools. Like most diners of its vintage, it was built elsewhere, and transported to its final site. The entire structure was roughly thirty-six by sixteen feet.

In 2007, it was announced that due to rising rent, the diner would be closing, and a demolition date of August 1 was set. Preservationists and the neighborhood's residents organized benefits for the diner, but were not able to delay the inevitable.

In mid-2007, the diner was donated by Extell Development to the American Diner Museum in Providence, Rhode Island, which put it up for sale on its website before the structure was moved. In August, the diner was purchased from the museum for $7500 by Vince and Cheryl Pierce and transported 2400 miles on the back of a semi-trailer truck to La Barge, Wyoming. However, shortly after the move, there were reports that the diner was unused and falling into dilapidation in its new site.

During its first Wyoming winter, in January 2008, the diner's walls buckled and the entire roof caved in under the weight of ice and snow. The rotating moon sign, kept safe in storage, was undamaged. By March 2008, the diner was mostly repaired and restored,

Luxury condominiums were built on the diner's former site on 6th Avenue.