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Mrs. Stevens was the wife of Paul Stevens and the mother of Elizabeth Stevens.


Mrs. Stevens's early life is unknown, but on her later life, she met Paul Stevens, they got married and later had a daughter, Elizabeth. But unfortunately, Mrs. Stevens died, leaving her daughter in her husband's care.


Paul Stevens

Mrs. Stevens' relationship with her husband was likely a very loving one.

Elizabeth Stevens

Mrs. Stevens had never gotten to know her daughter, Elizabeth since the former died shortly after giving birth to the latter.


It is unknown whether Mrs. Stevens had met her husband's parents and sister, but if she did, it can be assumed that she disliked her father-in-law and mother-in-law for being neglectful of Paul and showing him little affection, while on the other hand likely having a friendly relationship with her sister-in-law stating the possibilities that they (Paul and his sister) had a good relationship.


  • Mrs. Stevens died shortly after Elizabeth's birth.