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Ms. Stevens was the sister of Paul Stevens and the aunt of Elizabeth Stevens.


Ms. Stevens's life is unknown, but she had a brother called Paul and she likely had a good relationship with him. Sometime later, her brother got married and later had a daughter, Elizabeth, thus she had a niece. But unfortunately, Ms. Stevens's sister-in-law died after giving birth, thus her brother raised Elizabeth by himself.

She died sometime later from an unknown cause.



Ms. Stevens' relationship with her parents is unknown, so there is no known explanation whether they were neglectful of her and showing her little affection like they did to her brother.

Ms. Stevens likely had a good relationship with her brother, Paul before her death, evidence of this is when her brother had a sad look on his face when he mentioned her death to the sister and friends of her niece's boyfriend at the time Ross Geller.

Elizabeth Stevens

It is unknown whether Ms. Stevens met Elizabeth, but if she did then they likely had a loving relationship.

Mrs. Stevens

It is unknown whether Ms. Stevens had met her brother's wife, but if she did, they likely had a very friendly relationship, possibly like a sisterly relationship.