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Nonnie is the grandmother of Joey Tribbiani and his seven sisters, portrayed by Lilyan Chauvin.

Of Italian origin, Nonnie supposedly does not speak a word of English. However, she watched Capricorn One and knows the name "Sam Waterston", and was able to understand enough of the conversation between the gang to know that the name of the girl Ross was trying to flirt with is Caitlin.

In "The One Where Ross Can't Flirt", she comes over to Monica and Rachel's apartment to watch Joey in Law & Order. When he finds out that his part has been cut from the show, he becomes extremely worried, telling his friends that it will "kill her if she finds out". He quickly runs to his apartment and films a makeshift scene starring him, deceiving Nonnie into thinking that it was the actual scene. Nonnie loves it and congratulates Joey.

It is never mentioned who among Nonnie and Joey's other grandmother Nonna is his paternal or maternal grandmother.


  • Lilyan Chauvin, who plays Nonnie, was a series regular on Days of Our Lives, the same soap opera Joey stars in.
  • "Nonnie" is an alternative for "nonna" or "nonnina", which means "grandmother" in Italian.