Paul the Wine Guy was a boyfriend of Monica. He appeared in "The Pilot", portrayed by John Allen Nelson.

He worked in a restaurant with Monica and she had probably told her friends about him prior to the episode since they all referred to him as "Paul the Wine Guy". They went out for dinner, but Monica insisted it wasn't a date, just "two people going to dinner, and not having sex," to which Chandler responded by saying "Sounds like a date to me." On the date, Paul claimed that "Since my wife left me, I haven't been able to perform... sexually". They ended up having sex. However, Franny, a co-worker of Monica's who had previously slept with Paul, has been told exactly the same thing-it was a line Paul used in a clever scheme to get women to sleep with him. When Monica discovered this after a casual conversation with the co-worker in question, she angrily breaks Paul's watch with her foot.

It is never explained why he is called "the Wine Guy". Phoebe even asks Chandler "What does that mean? Does he sell it, drink it, or he just complains a lot?" but she doesn't receive an answer, as Chandler doesn't know.


  • Paul is mentioned again in "The One Where Eddie Won't Go" (S2E19) when Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel are taking a "goddess" quiz from the book Be Your Own Windkeeper. Phoebe scolds Monica for letting "a guy into the forest of [her] righteous truth on the first date!
  • One can say that the one line he uses to get women to sleep and make out with him is similar to Joey's, "How You Doin'" in which normally leads to him making out and sleeping with a women as well. Another similarity both guys have is that they both normally have one-night stands with their date.
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