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Phoebe's living room.

Phoebe lives in the same apartment throughout the show's entirety, with a few small exceptions. In 1993, Phoebe moved out of Monica's apartment and in with her grandmother, Frances. Phoebe lived there with her until Frances' death and continued to live there afterward.

In "The One With Joey's New Brain", Phoebe states that the apartment is located at 5 Morton, St. Apartment 14. However later episodes have the number 16 on her door.


  • Phoebe Buffay - She moved out of Monica's apartment in 1993 and remained there (apart from when the apartment burnt down and she lived with Monica and Chandler, having briefly lived with Joey).
  • Frances - Phoebe's grandmother. The apartment originally belonged to her, and she lived there until her death. She left the apartment and her taxi cab to Phoebe.
  • Rachel Greene - After Rachel moved out of Monica's apartment when Chandler moved in, having lived briefly with Ross, she then lived with Phoebe until the apartment burned down. After that, she began living with Joey. After it is re-built, and she and Phoebe discover that there was now only one bedroom, she decided not to move back in.
  • Mike Hannigan - After Phoebe and her boyfriend, Mike Hannigan, became serious they decided to move into Phoebe's apartment together. Mike, however, demanded that Phoebe's art piece Gladys be taken down when he did.
  • Denise - Phoebe's roommate. When Rachel needs a new place to live after Chandler moves in to Monica's, Phoebe first avoids that Rachel moves in with by saying that she already has a roommate, Denise. When Rachel can't find another place, she makes her mind up and says that Denise has moved out and won't be back until the 26th of December. Rachel jokingly says that Denise may be Santa, to which Phoebe shows a puzzled face as she thinks this may be true. It's possible Denise wasn't a real person but Phoebe came up with the name to prevent Rachel moving in.
  • Frank Buffay Jr - Phoebe's half-brother stays with her for a short time after having a fallout with his mother over his engagement to his former teacher Alice Knight.
  • Bob - A rat that Phoebe has been leaving food. It later turns out that Bob is a girl and has given birth. Bob later dies because of Mike's traps.
  • Susie - When Bob dies, Mike says that it could have been a mouse that was killed, prompting Phoebe to shout "Oh, no. Susie!"


Despite 5 Morton Street being a real address in Greenwich Village, the establishing shots for the exterior were 454 West 58th Street in Hell's Kitchen.