Not to be confused with Ralph Lauren, the company founded by Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren (born Ralph Lifshitz on October 14, 1939) is an American fashion designer and business executive. He is most notable for his Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand.

He appeared as himself in only one episode, "The One With Ross's Teeth" (S6E08), in two cameos. Rachel works at Ralph Lauren starting from Season 5 and stays employed there until the end of Season 10, when she gets fired. However Ross successfully bribes her boss, Mr Zelner, into offering Rachel her job back but with improved terms and conditions. It's assumed that Rachel returned to her job at Ralph Lauren as she had told Mr Zelner she accepted his offer before Ross reluctantly agreed to let her fly to Paris. Rachel subsequently changed her mind and got off the plane to be with Ross, who she marries shortly after the series finale.

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