In Season 5, after marrying Emily, Ross moved into a new apartment that he was renting from Emily's cousin as per Emily's request (Emily wanting to essentially get rid of anything Rachel-related in Ross' life). After the divorce with Emily, he has to leave the apartment, the cousin having allowed Ross to live there without a lease due to their then-familial relationship and forcing him to leave after the divorce. With his original apartment now sold, for the next few episodes, Ross was allowed to live in Chandler and Joey's apartment until he found a new place when Ugly Naked Guy was moving, taking up residence in his new apartment. Ross ultimately got Ugly Naked guy's apartment in "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" and lived there for the rest of the series.


  • The apartment was never seen.
  • While the rest of the gang help Ross move in to this apartment, it's unknown if Rachel ever visited before his eviction after Ross and Emily decide to divorce.
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