For Monica's prom date see Roy Gublik.

"Officer" Roy "Goodbody" (played by Danny DeVito) is the stripper in the season 10 episode "The One Where The Stripper Cries".

He only appeared in one episode, "The One Where The Stripper Cries". He had his own CD recorder and remote control. He was hired as a striptease dancer who dressed as a policeman and went under the name Officer Goodbody (his real name being Roy) as they gave Phoebe a proper send off over Tea and Sandwiches.


Roy is depicted as being very delusional and sensitive about his looks. Although he was presumably a handsome fellow once, given the initial success of his career as an exotic dancer, he had trouble coming to terms with the fact that he had not aged well and no longer had the looks or the body for exotic dancing, and consequently convinced himself that Phoebe would enjoy watching him perform. He got annoyed when she, while cringing, claimed that "this is how I look when I'm turned on!" and then refused to allow a sympathetic Rachel and Monica to pay him despite the difficult, rushed journey on his part because she had forgotten to ask them to hire a dancer until the very last minute, and then he got upset and burst into tears when she later rather crudely insulted him over his age and current body contours. He was also upset partly because exotic dancing was all he knew and he therefore had no interest in or desire for doing anything else, until Phoebe suggested he teach exotic dancing to younger, more attractive gentlemen who wished to learn the craft. Though he cheered up upon hearing this suggestion, he was still sad that he would never be able to perform at parties himself again, so Phoebe, in her guilt after upsetting him earlier, told him he was welcome to perform one last time for her. It is implied that he had a heart attack or ran out of breath and passed out because it is mentioned that Phoebe had to drive him to the hospital.

Roy mentioned having a nephew who he had borrowed his police officer costume from, which he admitted doing after Phoebe correctly guessed that it was a child's Halloween costume.

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