Sandy appeared in the 200th episode of Friends, "The One With The Male Nanny", where he is the titular character.

While looking for a nanny for Emma, Ross and Rachel meet Sandy, an overly sensitive male nanny. Rachel loves him, but it bothers Ross that a man could be so sensitive. Sandy himself admitted that a male nanny was "unorthodox for some people" and was understanding when his sensitivity caused Ross to suspect him of being homosexual, stating that men who met him often did, but at the same time assured them he was engaged to a woman. He later advised Rachel and Ross that toy dinosaurs he discovered in the apartment were not age-appropriate for Emma, only for Ross to inform him they were HIS (Ross') toys, causing a bemused Sandy to reply "Also not age-appropriate." Eventually, Ross decides to fire him, but Sandy is able to bring out so much emotion from Ross, that it causes him to bawl in the middle of his living room.

He later continues to visit Joey even after his firing from Ross and Rachel, as a 'cheap alternative' to college to 'educate' Joey. Joey even refers to him as "Skadandy" as his former client's child did.

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