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This page is about the drug addict from season 1 and season 9. See Steve for other characters named Steve.

Well, smack my ass and call me Judy

—Steve, stoned, after tasting Monica's pre-appetizers.

Steve is a character on Friends, who first appeared in "The One With The Stoned Guy" as a restaurant owner that shows up high on cannabis to a gourmet meal Monica cooked for him. He is portrayed by Jon Lovitz.


In "The One With The Stoned Guy", Phoebe introduces Monica to Steve, one of her massage clients, because he is a restaurateur looking for a new chef. Monica prepares a gourmet meal for him, but when he shows up, Phoebe reveals that he lit up a joint on the ride over and is now stoned. Steve acts like a fool, attempting to eat taco shells from Monica's cupboard and spilling gummy bears into a bowl and then tells Monica to call 911. Eventually, he tries to eat a kitchen magnet and Monica is forced to take him to the emergency room, where she leaves him.

Steve does not appear again until the Season 9 episode "The One With The Blind Dates", where Phoebe deliberately sets Rachel up on a bad blind date with him in hopes that she will get back together with Ross. On the date, Steve reveals that he lost his restaurant to drugs and now sells silk screens t-shirts. He also shares a studio apartment with two other guys and believes himself to be infertile.


  • He is the only character on the show to say the word Dick (although Chandler uses this word to name an eventual baby of The Chick and The Duck).