The One Where Eddie Won't Go
Season 2, episode 19
43rd overall episode of Friends
Eddie moves out. Joey moves in.
Episode Information

March 28, 1996

Written by

Michael Curtis & Gregory S. Malins

Directed by

Michael Lembeck

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The One Where Old Yeller Dies


"The One Where Eddie Won't Go" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Friends, which aired on NBC on March 28, 1996. In this episode Chandler battles to get rid of his annoying new roommate and have Joey, who's feeling the crunch of unemployment and mounting debt, move back in. The girls discover a book on personal empowerment.


When Joey shows up smiling at Central Perk with a new leather cap, it seems he's dealing well with his writing-off from Days Of Our Lives. Even better, Estelle comforts him how write-offs happens often in the acting world, and that she's already got him another audition. However, Joey is annoyed that he's called to act as a secondary cab driver character and refuses to go down that road. Things around Joey now are not going so well - his bank statements arrives, and the amount he owes is substantial. Ross tries to convince him to go to the audition but Joey is too proud to do so. And when he goes to Central Perk for some lemonade, he learns from Gunther that before becoming a waiter, he was Bryce on All My Children. Fearing that he'll end up just like the blond waiter, he puts his pride aside and goes to the cab driver audition. His debt is so large that Joey ends up losing all his newly-bought furniture and his new apartment. Ross, however, feels sorry for Joey, and buys the huge porcelain dog for him as a gift.

Phoebe and Monica introduce Rachel to a new book, Be Your Own Windkeeper. Apparently, the book is a wake-up call to all women, reminding them to stand their ground with men. Rachel falls in love with the book, and starts to stand by it word by word. Unfortunately for her, Monica and Phoebe do so too, and the three girls eventually turn on each other, culminating in a big fight during a goddess-circle quiz. They make up at Central Perk, giving up the beliefs they have come to collect from the book.

Chandler, already annoyed by crazy new roommate Eddie, is scared to death when he learns that Eddie has watched him sleep all night long. He asks Eddie to move out immediately. Eddie says he will be gone before Chandler returns from work the next day, but doesn't leave. What's more, Eddie is dehydrating everything that comes within his reach. To prevent Eddie from watching him sleep, Chandler crashes on Monica's couch, and over-reacts upon waking up and finding that she is affectionately watching him sleep.

The next morning, Chandler yells at Eddie, reminding him to move out, but Eddie shows no signs of recollection about this already-pursued subject. He also showed up several times with weird things like dehydrating fruit and using a fish cracker as his pet goldfish, Buddy. However, he obliges once again that he's going to leave. Believing that Eddie has really packed and left, Chandler brings the joy to the group, but is quickly interrupted by Eddie, who joins everyone. Not only has he forgotten the deal about moving out - Eddie believes that he and Chandler have spent the previous day at Las Vegas gambling, and that Chandler has bought him new shoes. To cap it all, he shows up with a human mannequin head from the Junior Miss Department in Macy's which he thinks will be a great conversation starter. But when Eddie tries to get into his apartment that night, he finds the lock changed and the door locked. When he knocks, Chandler answers the door, and pretends not to know Eddie at all. When Eddie explains that he's his roommate, Chandler replies that he already has a roommate - Joey has moved back in with him, and pretends that he had never moved out. Realizing the situation, Eddie apologizes and leaves. Chandler is overjoyed and celebrates by playing a game of foosball with Joey, signalling that everything is back to normal for the two.

Cast and Crew

Main Cast

Jennifer Aniston - Rachel Green
Courtney Cox - Monica Geller
Lisa Kudrow - Phoebe Buffay
Matt LeBlanc - Joey Tribbiani
Matthew Perry - Chandler Bing
David Schwimmer - Ross Geller

Supporting Cast

Adam Goldberg - Eddie Menuek
June Gable - Estelle Leonard
James Michael Tyler - Gunther
Jason Graae - Casting Director
Tim Hutchinson - Supervisor


Directed By:
Michael Lembeck

Written By:
David Crane, Marta Kauffman, Michael Curtis & Gregory S. Malins



  • Gunther says to Joey that he used to play "Bryce" in a soap opera "All My Children".
  • The "author" of Be Your Own Windkeeper is Jennifer Milmore who's married to Friends writer Gregory S Malins. Jennifer appears as Lauren, understudy to Kate Miller, next season in The One With The Dollhouse and The One With The Screamer.
  • When Eddie leaves Chandler's room, you can see it's not the living area.
  • Chandler's bedroom is much smaller than when Aurura was in there last season.
  • The way Rachel holds the book changes whilst she talks with Ross. Also she talks with Ross for longer in the coffeehouse in the DVD version.
  • Paul, the man that Monica let "enter the forest of her righteous truth on the first date", is Paul the Wine Guy from The Pilot. Monica slept with him after he told her he had not had sex for two years.
  • The tv version omits the name calling at the end of the goddess quiz.
  • This is the last appearance of Adam Goldberg as Eddie on the show.
  • In the DVD episode, Eddie claims he's going to live in his brother's basement until he finds out and then he'll find somewhere else. Rachel also talks to Ross on the phone before Monica calls her over. Monica says "Rach, hurry up! You're supposed to be taking a goddess quiz. You should just lose like 100 points for calling your boyfriend in the middle of it!".
  • The title is in reference to a popular quote in the (Hawaiian) surf community: "Eddie would go", said of deceased Hawaiian lifeguard and surfer Eddie Aikau due to his fearlessness in his job and his surfing.
  • When Monica says "all the other ones", Rachel mouths the line just afterwards.


  • Monica gasps when Rachel blabs that Phoebe slept with one of Monica's boyfriends an hour after they broke up, however this was already revealed to her in "The One With George Stephanopoulos" (S1E4). It is possible that Monica forgot, as she was drunk at the time.
  • When Rachel is supposed to be reading from the book, the pages are blank which can be seen when the camera is looking over her shoulder.
  • When Monica mentions Danny Awshack, Rachel closes the book but a split second later the shot changes to look at Rachel and the books open again.
  • There are three switches on the wall next to the door in Chandler's apartment but only two when Monica and Rachel live there.

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