The One Where The Monkey Gets Away
Season 1, episode 19
19th overall episode of Friends
Everyone standing outside Mr. Heckles apartment.
Episode Information

March 9, 1995

Written by

Jeff Astrof & Mike Sikowitz

Directed by

Peter Bonerz

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The One With The Evil Orthodontist


"The One Where The Monkey Gets Away" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Friends, which aired on on March 9, 1995.


Rachel gets to know that her ex-fiancé, Barry, is marrying her best friend Mindy. This starts sprouting doubts in her whether she made the right decision breaking up with him.

Ross leaves Marcel with Rachel the next day, but he gets away as Rachel takes out Marcel's poop. She gets everyone looking for him before Ross finds out. At the same time, Ross is planning to tell Rachel of his feelings. When he tries to do so, Rachel is in no mood to talk about such matters, as she's worried to death about the monkey's getaway. Ross finds out that Marcel has gotten away. He's furious with Rachel for losing the monkey, and gets even madder when she tells him she called Animal Control to look for him. He points out that as Marcel is an illegal exotic, they'll take the monkey away from him as soon as they find him.

The Animal Control personnel turns out to be Luisa, an old acquaintance of Monica and Rachel, as they used to share a common room in high school. Unluckily, Luisa also remembers the hard times she had to get through by Rachel the prom queen (Monica, being fat, had her own problems and couldn't help Luisa out). Because of this, Luisa decides to confiscate the animal instead of helping her old schoolmates out.

The friends' search for the monkey does not go well - Joey and Chandler lose the chance to hang out with two beautiful hot women in the building. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Monica manage to find Marcel in the basement. At the same time, Luisa finds the monkey too, and fires a tranquilizing dart in his direction. Phoebe intercepts the dart, which hits her in the butt, letting Marcel escape again.

Ross and Rachel, still arguing about the monkey's getaway, decide to search the one apartment they haven't looked at yet - Heckles'. Mr. Heckles (who has been previously shown to have an extremely possessive nature) turns out to have captured Marcel, and dresses him up in a pink tutu to disguise him. Ross and the friends, however, know that it's Marcel, but just as they are to get him back, Luisa reappears and captures Marcel in a cage. Having to acknowledge the fact that compromise with Luisa won't work amicably, Rachel resorts to blackmailing her by threatening to report her shooting a human with a tranquilizer dart, which makes Luisa relinquish Marcel to Ross.

Ross, who has forgiven Rachel for her carelessness with Marcel, tries to resume the conversation about his feelings. Just as he's about to tell her, Barry walks in on them. He tells Rachel that he's still in love with her and can't marry Mindy because of this.

Cast and Crew

Main Cast

Jennifer Aniston - Rachel Green
Courteney Cox - Monica Geller
Lisa Kudrow - Phoebe Buffay
Matt LeBlanc - Joey Tribbiani
Matthew Perry - Chandler Bing
David Schwimmer - Ross Geller

Supporting Cast

Mitchell Whitfield - Barry Farber
Megan Cavanagh - Luisa
Larry Hankin - Mr. Heckles
Katie - Marcel the Monkey
Angela Visser - Samantha
Elizabeth Sjoli - Tia
James Michael Tyler - Gunther (uncredited)


Directed By:
Peter Bonerz

Written By:
Jeff Astrof & Mike Sikowitz


  • In the uncut DVD version of the episode, Joey asks Mr. Heckles if he can have his butt-magnifying glass, which Joey later takes for himself in "The One Where Heckles Dies" (S2E3).
  • While Marcel and Rachel are watching a TV program, Rachel mentions someone named Dexter. Dexter is a character in the Night at the Museum franchise who, like Marcel, is a Capuchin monkey.
  • Rachel says the woman typing in the show "used to be a man". In The One With Chandler's Dad, Monica and Chandler are served by a snippy waitress played by Alexis Arquette who was born a man.
  • Phoebe refers to the film Speed when she says the film they saw didn't have "guns, bombs and buses going really fast".
  • It is revealed that Rachel was the prom queen, homecoming queen, and class president at Lincoln High School, and that their mascot was the bobcat.
  • When Rachel is telling Ross "I kind of lost him", the closet door can be seen open at the back of the apartment.
  • The name of the pizza restaurant where Joey, Chandler and Ross are discussing Rachel, is Joe G. Pizzas. It's later revealed that a Joey special is two pizzas.
  • When Monica asks Rachel which shoe Marcel pooped in she says "those cute Amish ones". In The One With The Fake Monica, Monica claims to be Pennsylvanian Dutch making her Amish.
  • This is the first time Chandler mentions that he went to an all-male boarding school.
  • When Ross and Rachel are eating the Chinese food, they hold hands and discuss whether you can fall in love with your best friend. This foretells that they do fall in love with each other and become a couple later in the series in The One With The Prom Video, remaining together for 12 months before reuniting permanently in the series finale.
  • Rachel suggests that they go to Newark. In the series finale Rachel's Paris flight departs from Newark Liberty International Airport.
  • Angela Visser, who plays Samantha (hot blond girl), was crowned Miss Holland in 1988 and Miss Universe in 1989. She also appeared in Baywatch (which the guys watch regularly).
  • Tia (hot brunette girl) wears a white and blue shirt which looks exactly the same as the one Rachel wears at the last poker game in the previous episode, and they even both wear it with their sleeves rolled up.
  • Ross says "What?" to Rachel in a tone the same as Rachel used to Chandler in The One With The Boobies.
  • Rachel changes what she's saying on the phone to food items when Ross enters. This is repeated when Rachel and Monica are discussing about having a fling with Joey later in the series.


  • When Monica checks the magazine she folds it, but when she says "lucky" it's not folded anymore and then she folds it again at the end of her line.
  • When Rachel first picks up Country Club Newsletter, her notepad is by her left elbow but in the next shot its moved several inches to Rachel's right.
  • When Monica snatches the newsletter, the left page is partially folded underneath but in the next shot its fully out.
  • The way Rachel holds the chopsticks changes between shots when she's with Ross.
  • Rachel breaks the fourth wall twice, first just as Phoebe enters the apartment and then as Joey and Chandler are discussing where in the city Marcel could before Chandler says "you go to Cats".
  • When Monica suggests they start looking for Marcel in the building, she tells Joey and Chandler to search the first and second floors, while her and Phoebe search the third and fourth, yet the next scene shows Monica and Phoebe downstairs knocking on Mr. Heckles door.
  • After Marcel has escaped from the basement, he is seen eating a banana as a pair of arms reach out to grab him. These arms are supposed to belong to Mr Heckles, their weird neighbor, however the arms clearly belong to a young, large and hair free person.
  • When Ross starts walking towards Rachel while talking about Marcel being an illegal animal Rachel starts walking in the opposite direction. A couple of shots later and she performs the same movement again.
  • When Rachel says "my Uncle Marcel" Ross's right hand is on her right shoulder. A quick shot of Phoebe as she says "oh is that who the monkeys named after" and then Ross has his arm round Rachel and she has both her hands on it. There's no way Ross and Rachel could have moved so quick.
  • Rachel breaks the fourth wall by glancing directly into the audience twice while Monica and Phoebe are talking about thinking about what to say before speaking.
  • When Louisa is telling Monica and Rachel about her experience at Lincoln High, Rachel gives her a furious look while her hands are together. Louisa says another line and Rachel repeats the same look.
  • When Samantha answers the door, she asks Joey if he knows how to turn down the heat on a radiator. Joey asks about the knob on the top and then says he doesn't when she says she's tried that. However next season Joey is able to turn down the radiator in Monica's apartment from underneath, although it's possible he asked his dad.
  • The closet door can be seen open during this episode but the handle is on the left. In The One With Monica's Secret Closet, the handle is on the right.
  • The layout of the hallway outside Mr. Heckles apartment is different in the scenes when Marcel is grabbed and when the gang gather outside his apartment. The second arrangement is how it appears in The One Where Heckles Dies.

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