The One With Rachel's Phone Number
Season 9, episode 9
203rd overall episode of Friends
Ross receives a phone call from a guy who Rachel gave her phone number to.
Episode Information

December 5, 2002

Written by

Mark J. Kunerth

Directed by

Ben Weiss

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"The One With Rachel's Phone Number" is the ninth episode of ninth season of Friends, which aired on December 5, 2002.


Joey has gotten Chandler court-side tickets for the Knicks game. Chandler wants to go, but he has to tell Monica he's doing so - not an easy task since she's been waiting to meet him for a whole week. He gets home to stay with Monica, but he can't talk to Joey as he hasn't told him he'll be coming home. Joey sees Monica in her sexy dress, and thinks she's cheating on Chandler. The couple try to fool Joey so that they can get rid on him, but Joey figures everything out. Chandler and Monica promise not to lie to him again, and that they don't think he's an ignorant fool. When Chandler's about to take off with Joey to the game, he turns back to his apartment, pointing out to Joey that the game's the next night.

Rachel is ready to start hanging out again. She and Phoebe go to a bar, leaving Mike with Ross. Although the two seem to have some stuff in common, they don't get along at all. Conversation is too thin, and they instead spend time eating pizza and looking up "lager" in an encyclopedia.

On girls' night out, Rachel and Phoebe meet two guys. Phoebe ditches them immediately, but Rachel gives one of them her phone number. When she realizes what she's done, Rachel finds that the guys are gone, so she has Mike intercept all calls on Ross' telephone. However, when she talks to Phoebe and Mike as they're leaving, Ross receives the call from Bill, the guy at the bar. He takes the message, but doesn't give it to Rachel.

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Directed By:
Ben Weiss

Written By:
Mark Kunerth


  • Mike says that beer and ale are pretty much the same thing but Ross and him were talking about the difference between beer and lager.

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