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    I've reverted your edits to the Gunther page. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing like that said on the show. Ross only mentions him again when he says that he doesn't want to have his heart broken too. It's never said or implied that Ross hates Gunther (now). So I don't think that sentence has a place there.

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    • Or maybe he DID become jealous of Gunther! Ross was shocked and when Gunther was finishing his talking, Ross looked like he was staring disgustedly at the fool.

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    • Well, I read mainly shock in his face, not really disgust. It doesn't really make much sense that he's still jealous of Gunther after the final anyway, as Rachel and he get together... Anyway, I think you at least need to express it in less strong words if you want to keep it on the Gunther page.

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